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Two years is a very long time from the hyper-compressed perspective of our digital culture.  New content demanding our attention comes so fast and so frequently that what is pored over today will probably, and by necessity, be pushed to the periphery by tomorrow.  In that sense, it’s somewhat like being the parent of a young child: each day is filled with so many new discoveries, challenges, emergencies, and triumphs, that what happened last week—or six months, or two years ago—seems so long ago as to hardly be real, or to have been the experience of a different person.   The mind can only hold so much, and of course the mind is remade anew as it continues to upload, download, and delete its flow of experience.

So, anyway, I’m still here, two years later, but different.  I’ve stepped away from academia to philosophize in a less formal but hopefully more rewarding manner through my work at the Gotham Philosophical Society, where you’ll find me attempting to channel Protagoras and Socrates in the agora.  Check out the website, and if you are in New York, please come to one of our events.

Cheers, JSB

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Maxims and Arrows

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