Not One, Not Many, but Many Ones.

What Steve Jobs Understood That Our Politicians Don’t –

One the fundamental issues we have to confront today is scale.  Perhaps we’re too big to succeed. Think smaller.



Let’s Come Undone

Sean Tevis, a forty year old self-described ‘information architect,’ suffered a setback to his bid to become the United States Representative from Kansas’ 2nd district on Tuesday, finishing third in that (rather red) state’s Democratic primary.  As a New Yorker not paid to know the political preferences of Kansans in August, perhaps my mention of this event might provide Mr. Tevis with some small consolation.  I say that not to flatter myself; I’m what keeps the consolation small.  But that I was even aware of Mr. Tevis’ reach for Congressional glory is a certain testament to the reason he ran, namely to spread word of his ‘plan to re-balance the US political system.‘ (more…)