Death, where have you been all my life?

This is too good to go unknown for so long (and I’m even late to the belated appreciation party).


Zizek on Charlie Rose

Here.  Most of my fellow philosophers will undoubtedly frown upon my paying attention to Zizek, let alone linking to him. But talk to me when you merit an invitation to share your ideas on Charlie Rose (or any other show), and then acquit yourself so well (physical tics and all).

The Real Tragedy of the Commons

From today’s New York Times: David Brooks on the emergence of moral individualism 

The odd thing here is that we tend to be surprised and think something has gone wrong.  If you start down the road of privatizing the good, as we did at the birth of Modernity, this is where you inevitably arrive. What’s taking place is perfectly natural, given our history.

And so will be the inevitable reactions.  This, too, shall pass.

Blackburn reads Parfit


Blackburn, too, is unimpressed (here is another underwhelmed reviewer).  I haven’t read this particular iteration of Parfit’s view yet, but from what I have previously, I give him credit for his ‘quietism’.  If your are going to be a normative realist (in the philosophical sense of that term), then own up to the fact that you will never say anything intelligible about normativity (that couldn’t be wholly repeated by an irrealist).